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Friday, 28 October 2011

Gulf War Syndrome

The article below arises from the continuing research from what is known as “Gulf War Syndrome”, the debilitating condition endured by many troops that were engaged in that conflict.

These troops were involved with high levels of activity in high chemical environment and subject to continuing stress and contamination.

Moreover, as the operations were mounted quickly they were given a number of injections to prevent medical conditions in a short period of time. This would have given quite a build up of substances in the blood stream.

For most us now, trying to even avoid a high chemical contact is very difficult and they are becoming more and more powerful. To add to that the medications and other things given routinely to try to mitigate the side effects will have an effect.
Just how close these are to the conditions that these troops experienced is difficult to assess, but it may be becoming much nearer by the year.

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