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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Using Our Heads

In the Daily Mail recently there has been a run of articles featuring ladies, usually young, who have had a severe reaction to hair dye. This one is the latest and is typical of the others.

We have had the same experience. My wife, near thirty years ago had a marked reaction when using hair colouring and gave up using it. This was followed by taking great care to choose which shampoos or anything else for hair.
Since then the various dyes and treatments have been stronger and more extensive and claim to do all sorts of things to the hair to make it brighter and better.

But where we sometimes stand for performances we look down at the heads in front. The evidence of my eyes tells me that a lot of younger lades these days have hair that is thinner than those of the past and often very brittle.
It seems that the more the hair deteriorates the more products are used to correct the trouble and the stronger they are.

Also, there is the issue of the cases were some ladies we have known who have used strong dyes on a regular basis for some time have developed tumours. This may be coincidence but there are suggestions that some are at risk.

Taken together with all the other products and materials going onto and into the body and the huge increases in the last two to three decades when will we begin to see some of the consequences more evidently?

One of the major difficulties is that research into this costs money and little or none is forthcoming for anything that does not “add value”. Since we have cut down radically on products we doubt we have saved a great deal.

If there is an evident increase in the serious effect of the impact of many of these products, when will the community at large and government be prepared both to admit and to address the causes?

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