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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Researching Research

Here are a couple of links both to the Dr. Mercola site. This is a very individual site offering a good deal of sensation, plus its own products, but from time to time and looked at with care can some up with matters of interest.

It has recently paid a lot of attention to mercury as a poison in all too common use and the dangers of fluoride and the high levels now encountered in various ways.
This item is amongst the most worrying:

Here we have what was regarded as an important piece of research, seminal to later research, which is now under serious suspicion. Which raises the question that if this happens at the highest levels in a supposedly dedicated academic institution what might have happened elsewhere?

Another campaign by the Dr. Mercola site is about the sweetening agents that have taken the place of sugar in so many food products to cater for people who want to have low calorie intake but retaining the impact of the sweetness they often crave.

Is this again another case of commercial high power chemical products being used both extensively and indiscriminately without regard for real testing or effects?

Returning to the first matter, it is not long ago that the UK Advertising Standards Authority rejected a complaint about Lynx, an especially strong deodorant, on the basis of research submitted by the makers, Unilever, public relations firm.

Just what can you trust?

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