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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Weighting Game

The groans can be heard for miles. As if there is not enough comment, advice, information or preaching about body weight and the rest around the web and the media.

Like many other matters these days a good deal of it can come back to the chemistry. For much of what is on offer these days is the product more of that than of the ways and means of the past.

One issue has been sweeteners. Sugar used to be expensive but became cheaper and cheaper and so we became bigger and bigger. So less sugar but we cannot learn to do without the sharp heavy hit sweet taste so in come the artificial replacements.

Now it is turning out that these are no better and indeed could stimulate the appetite as well as doing other kinds of harm. This article illustrates the issue:

Just what most people can do in the modern world is difficult to work out. The one thing that is certain is that it will not be easy.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Issues Of Toxicity

Three links below connecting to various aspects of toxic effects. The Dr. Mercola web site is an American one which covers a great deal of ground. It is sometimes on the strident side but much of it is science based albeit with a bias to the dangers of modern consumerism.

The first link deals with commercial moisturizers to the effect that they are doing you far more harm than good.

The next is that covering the skin with spray tan to avoid one thing can put you at risk of another serious issue along with the other effects of chemical tanning.

Last, but far from least is how you test and what for. The test results may only be as good as the testing procedures. Given that modern technology can enable a product to be formulated to avoid showing on tests this is important. It is very likely that tests put in place only a few years ago may be inadequate to deal with recent product development

All in all, they point to a range of problems that are now worsening.

Friday, 17 June 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Many people will be active in their gardens at this time of the year and the farmers have been busy in the fields.

One thing common to them is the amount of weed killers, pesticides and other plant control substances that are being scattered about. Usually, scant attention will be paid to the small print on the packet, in the delivery system or on the tin.

In some cases it seems that all that effort might lead on to the growth of bigger and better weeds, never mind resistant bugs of one sort or another:

The article below is concerned with glyphosate and the major products it is present in:

There is more on the subject here:

And to add to all that:

So when you do have a bit of time to sit on the grass or sunbathe make sure you have a good shower afterwards.  Or perhaps a spell in the decontamination cell.

You could just leave a lot of it alone, say the dandelions, they are edible and can being used in various brews, temperance as well as alcoholic.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Advertising Break

It is rare for an advertisement to feature in these pages, but the one above comes to you from The Daily Mash, whose mission is truth in politics.

Since I have been using this product now for seventy years and more, or if not many like it, I can assure everyone that it certainly works.

The real secret is to have a vitamin free diet as well.

To ensure that there is a measure of balance and to allow for the other side to make a case you could try this link:

Keep slapping it on!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Taking A Dip Into The Past

One thing leads to another. The question was who exactly was Anna Beddoes the daughter of Richard Lovell Edgeworth and wife of Dr. Thomas Beddoes? Wikipedia has a decent entry on Dr. Beddoes which only takes you so far but another web site has a picture of the lady, above.

Beddoes was a leading scientific figure of his time, although little known today. Both Michael Faraday and Sir Humphrey Davy were with him in their early careers. His connection to the Edgeworth’s brought links to the major literary and political figures of the period.

Davy was the man who amongst his scientific achievements identified chlorine as an element which caused me to look at that subject. This took me to my local swimming pool, as I keep saying, all things are connected.

Several years ago I had to give up the daily swim I enjoyed because it became clear that the increasing skin problems being experienced were the result. Talking to the pool manager, who we knew, he told me that in recent years the chlorine level in the pool had been increased to near maximum because of the levels of other substances from people that were impacting on the effect of the chlorine.

We are aware of the issues that can arise from extensive use of petro-chemicals and from other causes, but looking at chlorine and all its derivatives and uses it is astonishing to see how their use has been extended in recent decades.

Clearly this element and all that has followed from it has advanced our ability to do many things and create many products that are both useful and necessary to modern living. But are we now making too much use of all the things in which chlorine based substances can be found?

Just how much and in what context can it become toxic? Well Chlorine Gas certainly is and I have a reliable source in Grandad who landed in the military hospital as a result of encountering it during WW1. Apparently, use may result in some types of plastic pipe cracking. One wonders how many plumbing problems may be arising these days. It has caused the collapse of a swimming pool, I understand.

Using the RATS Scale, I would put my skin reactions at Scale 3, bad enough to require avoiding it and given other problems necessary. On reflection it is likely that over time I started with minor, Scale 1 issues which worsened over time.

Looking around it does seem that there are other people who cannot use modern chlorine treated pools and unluckily in the UK other types are hard to find. Also, there are other allergies to products where the key substance is hard to identify.

Given the increases in both asthma and skin problems and the difficulty of working out what may be amongst the complex reasons for all this there are many possibilities.

Could one of them be simply that there is too much chlorine based stuff around in the home and outside?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Keep Taking The Pills

Used with care, sensitivity and managed properly within clear limits both antibiotics and antibacterials have their uses in medical treatments and such. However when they are stuffed into all sorts of things; used without discrimination and on the largest possible scale for production and marketing purposes there will be consequences.

The same can be said of many other substances in the past and present. It is a matter of human experience that misuse and overuse will have adverse effects. Some of these will be quite nasty.

Recently, but not much in the UK, typically there has been attention paid to these issues. It is often difficult to understand because of the science and the complexity. But the sooner we accept that we could be doing more damage than good then we might begin to control ourselves.

The link below gives more links to recent other research on antibiotics.

The picture above is a typical factory farm situation. Very often the cattle and in other places other animals, birds and fish may be routinely given antibiotics in their feedstock. These find their way into water systems and your food.