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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Science Down The Pan

If anyone wondered just how much science and to what level is given to the making and content of many consumer goods, the article below is an indication. It is about slow release mechanisms in applying fragrance chemicals.

The money comes from, I quote, “Gudmundsdottir's team has received research support from the National Science Foundation, the American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research Fund, UC's University Research Council, Ohio Supercomputer Center and the English Speaking Union.”

In short a good deal of public money is involved that is primarily educational in intent. This is the article:

There is the aspect of the medical application, but in the article this is secondary to the importance of achieving the objectives to the smell of cleaning fluids.

It is good to know what the academic priorities of our science research are about. First, make the toilet smell stronger and longer, second think about whether there is any use in treating the sick.

There is no current research in the UK into dealing with or treating perfume allergy or the inflammatory lung conditions arising from chemical pollution.

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