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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Heavy Water

It is a common place now to suggest that one of the major issues for humanity is the water supply in economics and communities across the world. The growth of population; the additional need for water for production, not just of food but in many industries and other requirements have begun to run ahead of supplies now and in the future.

This applies to all economies. For the poorest it is largely self evident, for the richest it is a matter of realising that major infrastructure work is now urgent and decisions have to be made soon and acted on quickly.

But it is not just gross supply there is the matter of quality. There are many potential contaminants and pollutants both in the sources and in the distribution. The USGS have been routinely monitoring US supplies as does Europe and others. Many countries have limited or scant monitoring facilities.

The article below from New Scientist deals with one form of pollution that is becoming more common and is as dangerous as any, the presence of heavy metals at levels much higher than the human body can tolerate.

These arise from various forms of major and other industry notably in much of modern technology. But these metals, now in fine particle form can be found in many consumer products, whether we realise or not.

Once into the soil or penetrating to ground water or simply in ordinary water the extent is building up and we do not yet realise that sometimes critical levels are being reached.

An essential source of our well being and life is slowly being damaged and for some populations could soon be at the point of no return.

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