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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Personal Magnetism

In the last decade or so with the increase in the number, power and variety of electronic products a little known effect has been that numbers of people have been sensitized to the magnetic fields they produce.

How many is not known and it is rarely diagnosed except in the more extreme cases where it is apparent that exposure to high or any level gives a marked reaction.

With electronics, often complex, now embedded and necessary to many of the products now necessary to modern life quite what the extent and implications are is giving rise to greater debate.

This Science Daily item is about research which raises that question that Asthma in childhood might be encourage or caused by exposure to magnetic fields.

We all are on a planet which depends on its magnetic fields for survival. Our bodies are all within this and contain elements of magnetism. There has to be the possibility that too much could disrupt.

It is also possible that reactions may vary between individuals and groups. Also that it might affect the unborn as much as the living.

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