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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Keep Taking The Pills

Used with care, sensitivity and managed properly within clear limits both antibiotics and antibacterials have their uses in medical treatments and such. However when they are stuffed into all sorts of things; used without discrimination and on the largest possible scale for production and marketing purposes there will be consequences.

The same can be said of many other substances in the past and present. It is a matter of human experience that misuse and overuse will have adverse effects. Some of these will be quite nasty.

Recently, but not much in the UK, typically there has been attention paid to these issues. It is often difficult to understand because of the science and the complexity. But the sooner we accept that we could be doing more damage than good then we might begin to control ourselves.

The link below gives more links to recent other research on antibiotics.

The picture above is a typical factory farm situation. Very often the cattle and in other places other animals, birds and fish may be routinely given antibiotics in their feedstock. These find their way into water systems and your food.

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