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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Issues Of Toxicity

Three links below connecting to various aspects of toxic effects. The Dr. Mercola web site is an American one which covers a great deal of ground. It is sometimes on the strident side but much of it is science based albeit with a bias to the dangers of modern consumerism.

The first link deals with commercial moisturizers to the effect that they are doing you far more harm than good.

The next is that covering the skin with spray tan to avoid one thing can put you at risk of another serious issue along with the other effects of chemical tanning.

Last, but far from least is how you test and what for. The test results may only be as good as the testing procedures. Given that modern technology can enable a product to be formulated to avoid showing on tests this is important. It is very likely that tests put in place only a few years ago may be inadequate to deal with recent product development

All in all, they point to a range of problems that are now worsening.

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