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Friday, 17 June 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Many people will be active in their gardens at this time of the year and the farmers have been busy in the fields.

One thing common to them is the amount of weed killers, pesticides and other plant control substances that are being scattered about. Usually, scant attention will be paid to the small print on the packet, in the delivery system or on the tin.

In some cases it seems that all that effort might lead on to the growth of bigger and better weeds, never mind resistant bugs of one sort or another:

The article below is concerned with glyphosate and the major products it is present in:

There is more on the subject here:

And to add to all that:

So when you do have a bit of time to sit on the grass or sunbathe make sure you have a good shower afterwards.  Or perhaps a spell in the decontamination cell.

You could just leave a lot of it alone, say the dandelions, they are edible and can being used in various brews, temperance as well as alcoholic.

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