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Friday, 18 February 2011

MSG Sends Bad Messages

A few days ago the issue of MSG cropped up in a mail raising the question of how bad is it, if at all. This was my response below


“If you are getting reactions only at RATS Scale 1 or 2 it will be very difficult to isolate MSG from the welter of other stuff as either a cause or contributory substance. This can apply at 3 or 4.

Also the reactions might vary from person to person. It takes quite a rigorous analysis of intakes to work out that MSG is giving you a problem.

Another factor is that whilst in the past flavourings or flavour enhancers might be relatively natural, e.g. salt, sugar, vanilla etc or concentrates of real things, eg. orange or lemon juice in recent years there has been a range of synthetics developed which are used alongside MSG.

Also MSG has become stronger and applied to many more products.

In short more people are getting much more of it and stronger and in combination with other synthetics.

Go to the doctor and you may get stuff for IBS, headaches or depression or what without any reference to possible food or allied chemical reactions.

Another thing is that in the last decade or so, more researchers have a look at its potential for causing or contributing to medical problems.”


The RATS Scale reference can be found here:

For the case that MSG is a toxin and not an allergen and argues the dangers see this link:

Having had a “hit” in the last few days that I suspect may have been MSG the effects are similar to those of other potential toxins encountered.

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