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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Giving People The Vapours

What is causing us increasing concern is the amount of incidental contamination we experience from just ordinary activity outside the home.

We have little doubt that a great deal arises not simply from deodorants but the extent of fabric conditioner/softener that is now in the environment and on almost everything you contact and touch.

This includes foods and packaging. It is almost impossible to shift and accounts for our need for extreme rigour in dealing with clothes etc. The effect of contact is often instant and the power of some it literally takes your breath away.

A person who suffers from severe reactions sent this link:

The two pages set out very briefly what is involved. What is frightening is how is now everywhere and touching everything.

What is very strange is all the TV advertisements for the products showing delight in the way it is carried through the air and dancing happy children.

Just what are the long term implications for those children?

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