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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wearing The Temper Thin

Explaining the problems with fragrances to someone we know as they were online they tapped into Google “Scented Fabrics” and inevitably came up with a long list of pages. Amongst the initial ones were one for a set of products made by “DuraScent” which included a variety of clothing and personal options. The site said that it was possible to chose scent designed to last two weeks or a year.

Another site, “inventables” in its details claimed that the microcapsules that could be used to add fragrances to fabrics could last for at least 35 washes, presumably the typical stronger detergents of today and up to 10 dry cleans. As one looked at many others it was clear that it is becoming routine to add these chemicals to clothing, bedding and many other things.

For those who either do not want this or for whom these chemicals provoke adverse reactions this is almost a nightmare scenario. The theory might be that if you can smell them then do not buy. This is far easier said than done. In many retail outlets now the extent and nature of the “chemical haze” in the air either intended or as a consequence of incidental pollution from people or their clothing will impact on the sense of smell. It will block the ability to smell anything much.

Another feature is the way these products do not simply retain their smell, it is that they transfer it to other substances and the power of the effect seems to be retained. So that if there is other clothing on sale which has not been so treated it is almost certainly to be affected by that which has been and permanently.

If you try to find from any of these producers the chemical content and other features, notably the “disinfectant” you will be very lucky to find an answer. To all intents and purposes the consumer is not told the content, is not advised of the implications of using chemical products at these levels of strength and can be sure that they are both untested and unknown in long term effect.

Consider, if the fragrance/parfum can withstand all those washes, dry cleaning and the effect of ordinary wear and tear for up to two years, then just what is in it and what is happening inside the human body as it enters it? If it smells, then it hits the brain, the lungs and from them to all the other parts. If you can neither escape it or get rid of it by any normal means other than by burning it how much is your system experiencing almost every second of the day and night.

It is on the food you buy. It is on the bottles you drink out of. If you have liquids in plastic or other non glass bottles it will not wash off. It is in the cheap clothing you pick up. Your socks/stockings are specially treated. It is now on, in, or part of almost everything you experience.

When the nice clean waiter/waitress puts the plate in front of you it will have a coating of chemical fragrances from their clothing as much as anything else. At least there may well be enough artificial flavourings or enhancers in the food to cover any taste which derive from much the same chemical sources.

Enjoy your meal and have a nice day.

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