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Friday, 15 July 2011

Difficult To Stomach

Recalling when The School Milk Act was passed in 1946 and youngsters in school were given one third of a pint of usually tepid milk to swill in the morning break, the general idea was that it would be beneficial to health.

This was before the days when the great majority of modern agricultural practice and essentially cattle were reared and milked on very basic systems. Of course there were always risks of contamination or bugs but not to the extent of today.

This item in the Daily Mail derived from research in Spain illustrates what the situation is now:

The contents of the milk are not far removed from the contents of other types of food. Whatever gets into the animals from whatever source may well get into the food.

Whatever comes out of the animals other than milk can get into the soil and also into the water and therefore into the food chain for livestock and people.

It is not just the milk.

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