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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Running For Life

In the complex bundle of chemistry that composes a human being there is a dependence on intakes and outputs that have to be carefully balanced to enable what we call “good health”.

In this there is the interaction between the foods and liquids we have and other substances that impact internally and externally.

In the case of that special part of humanity that has great success in sport this balance is not just necessary it is critical to that higher function.

The case of Paula Radcliffe is especially interesting. Because she was unable to complete the Olympic Marathon course in 2004 there was some snide criticism, largely from people unable to run for a bus, about her collapse.

In the light an article today those who have major food intolerance problems along with those with significant chemical reactions, and the two overlap, will know exactly how she felt.

In The Sunday Mail “You” section today in the part on Health here is the article by Sarah Stacey.

As a leading athlete, Paula was lucky enough to have a good deal of access to medical people who wanted to know and wanted to give immediate help to find out what the key problems were.

It took and good deal of testing and analysis but at the end of it she did have an awareness and advice to give her the chance of being able to cope and live a life that was near normal.

Just how many people out there haven’t a chance or a hope in the present day NHS?

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