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Friday, 1 October 2010

Procter & Gamble Upset by Mama

There are things you do not expect in life. One was I did not ever think I would take a look now and again at something titled Big Green Mamas. But stranger things have happened. Anyhow it makes a change from Disused Railway Stations.

The post you may be interested in is below and relates to Procter and Gamble and their legal and PR machinery in action. P&G are a mega international company with ambitions to control the market for personal and household products and brook no complaints or opposition.

It seems that the fact that they damage my skin, cause me to have lung problems as well as other nasty effects does not allow me to imply that they might not be safe for other people.

Moreover, if I am searching for products that are safe their makers will not be allowed to claim this because it indirectly implies that P&G stuff is unsafe rubbish and more or less distilled or crystallized sump oil ramped up with toxic propellants, colourants, addictive chemicals and who knows what.

Of course such allegations are wholly and entirely false and defamatory against an organization motivated only by love, joy and the happiness of all nations.

Please make up your own mind.

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