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Friday, 20 August 2010

Finding A Way Round

For those suffering reactions to chemicals there is now a good deal to be found on the web although relatively little from UK health sources. The quality and reliability are variable but some do deserve careful attention.

Two that I have picked up on are:

Go to the right hand side and look down for the link to an Adobe Acrobat document “ME/CFS Guidelines for GP’s” that is readable, coherent and very informative.

Also available in relation to people with strong fragrance reactions who have to attend hospital or other medical places is the following. It is picked up in the News section from May 2008 and the link is:

We have found them very useful indeed in bench marking our own reactions and the implications.

There are moves now in other places to begin to address these problems and what they mean for those affected. It is evident that the issue has not yet begun to penetrate any sector of the NHS.

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