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Monday, 21 June 2010

Who Opened The Bottle?

It was reported that Katie Price, otherwise known as “Jordan” in the past, has had to take urgent action to protect her reputation. It would be too easy to make fun of a leading member of the celebrity culture and that is not the point.

Like very many others she endorses products with her name to encourage sales. It is common now for fragrance products to be a favourite item. I suspect that very few have asked the simple questions of where do they come from, what is in them, and what might the side effects on users and others?

Katie is unlucky enough to be the one who has been caught out. The report below tells it all.


Katie Price orders perfume probe

Katie Price has ordered a "full report" into allegations of low wages paid to Indian workers making bottles for her perfume. An investigation by The Observer newspaper centred on allegations involving workers at a Pragati Glass factory in Kosamba in the state of Gujarat.

Earlier this week, Superdrug confirmed that it had cleared Katie's “Stunning” and “Besotted” fragrances from its shelves. Glamour girl Katie, also known as Jordan, is thought to be worth around £30 million, thanks to a business portfolio including book deals, clothing ranges and reality TV shows.

A statement issued by Katie's spokesman said the star has suspended her contract with the UK licensee. The spokesman said: "When The Observer's claims about low wages at the Indian perfume bottle manufacturer were brought to Katie's attention, she suspended her contract with the UK licensee, and asked it to provide her with a full written report on the low wages allegations.

She now awaits that report."


To date the concern is rightly over the low wage issue but the other issues of the nature of the chemical contamination of the local environment and effects on the workers are also important. There are enough horror stories in the East to warn us that there is a great deal of filthy production about and a good deal of it to do with consumer products for the West, notably fragrances.

The use of the words “Besotted” and “Stunning” give a clue as to the chemical purpose embodied in the design of the engineering of these products. Roughly translated they mean “Addictive” and “Brain Damaging”.

What a great pity that from her wealth Katie is not helping to fund research into the health implications of these products both for Asian workers and for British consumers.

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